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Fad Diets

             This is an article about fad diet plans that I found on a website called ivillage, Solutions for womeon. This article was published in a 2000 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. The title of the article is "America's Top 6 Fad Diets", it was written by Maura Rhodes. The article tells abot the most popular fad diets out there now, and pluses and set backs of each.
             Generally one in every three women are dieting. Some women choose to eat low cal foods, low fat foods or overload on fruits and vegtables. Although, many people choose to follow "fad" diets, because you only have to follow eating routines for a short amount of time and they sho results almost immediately. On the down side of this, once you stop following your eating or exercising plan you will eventually gain all of that weight back. Most fad diets revolve around drastic calore cutting and this is when you go back to your normal eating habits you gain weight again. The top fad diets include high protien diets, liquid diets, the hollywod diet, fasting, food combining and soup diets.
             High protien diets were originally followed but experienced atheletes and bodybuilders. This is because they believe that too mant carbs will prevent your body from burning fat. This is know as the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins developed this high protien diet in the 70's. Other diet plans that follow this theory are The Zone and Protien Power.
             Liquid diets first started in the 1930's by a doctor from Chicago. It works by mixing a teaspoon of his formula into one cup of water. This drink only contains 11 calories and is only taken at lunch and dinner. Many other meal replacement shakes hit the shelves shortly after. A popular one today is Slim fast. One of the reasons that this is so popular is because they are so convenient for busy people. You are to have a shake for breakfast, lunch and a snack, then for diner you would eat a low fat meal with up to 600 calories.

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