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fad diets, healthy or not?

             Quick weight loss diets, now more than ever, seem to be flooding over the population. Everyone wants to lose 15 pounds in two weeks and not have to do any work to get the pounds off. There are many new fads that are available to try out, but do they work?.
             An article in "Good Housekeeping," by Maura Rhodes, called "America's Top 6 Fad Diets," seemed to bring up some good points about these diets. Fad diets all work on drastic calorie cutting. They deprive your body of essential nutrients and cause the body's metabolism to slow down. .
             Diets such as the Dr. Atkins" Diet Revolution and The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet are high protein diets. This diet requires you to eat all the protein you want, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, you just are restricted from pastas, breads, and anything with refined sugar. This low carbohydrate diet could seem good at first but according to the article by Maura Rhodes, these diets are loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart disease. Too much protein could also cause permanent damage to the kidneys over time because it causes them to go in overdrive to process the nitrogen in protein. Overall, this diet is not advisable, but eating moderate amounts of protein throughout the day, to go along with a well balanced diet, can aide in suppressing the appetite. This diet would be very hard for me because I love bread and pasta. I would have to change my whole way of eating and I know I would just go right back to it eating that and the pounds would just come back. So I don't think this is a good solution for me.
             The liquid diets such as slim fast are loved because they indulge those with a sweet tooth and are an extreme convenience for those on the go. Rhodes states that once you return to eating solids foods the pounds will again return. It also doesn't instill in you the healthy eating habits that you will need when you go off of the shakes.

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