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Diets and Weight Loss

            An Investigation Into Fad Diets and the Effect They Have .
             This is an investigation into the effect of fad diets on our health. It has recently come to light that fad diets are increasingly dangerous and unhealthy, but despite all the health warnings, people still put their bodies through all sorts of torture so they can look better. It has been proven that the weight loss only last for a little while, not forever.
             Aim of report.
             The aim of this report is to find the most popular fad diets and investigate what changes and damage they could cause to your body.
             1. To carry out primary research into the types of diets, the amount of people on them and what their health was like before, during and after.
             2. To compare evidence from primary research with texts and health warnings.
             3. To determine what can, has or will be done to help promote or discourage fad diets.
             1. National data was obtained from the library and Internet on types of diets and the effects they have on our bodies. Media releases can be found in Appendix D.
             2. Survey questions were prepared. A copy of these questions can be found in Appendix A.
             3. Interview questions were prepared. A copy of these questions can be found in Appendix B.
             4. Using the prepared questionnaire and the purposive sampling method, a survey was conducted amongst the female public.
             5. A constructed interview was conducted with previous student of Robert Gordons University who did two years in Nutrition and Dietetics.
             Quantitative Data.
             Graphs and tables can be found in Appendix C.
             Qualitative Data.
             Many respondents gave extra information on the results of their diet experiences. Many of them stated that after they had completed a course on the diet, they gained weight extremely quickly.
             The interview also revealed that although fad diets are the "easy" way to lose weight, it limits your food groups affecting areas of your body, including internal organs and the possible wrinkled and aged look.

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