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Atkins Diet

             Contradictory to past beliefs the Atkins diet follows the practice of burning stored fat by counting calories or fat intake to lose weight. Many people have tried all types of diets, some work, some don't. The Atkins diet is the one everybody is talking about, it let's you lose weight without counting calories, let's you look and feel better, naturally re-energizes you and most important keeps the pounds off forever with new lifetime nutritional approach that includes delicious foods.
             There are four phases to the Atkins" diet, induction, OWL, pre- maintenance and lifetime maintance. .
             1- Induction- crashes you through most weight loss barriers and will generally introduce even the most metabolically resistant person to weight reduction.
             2- Ongoing Weight Loss, (OWL), will carry you smoothly toward your goal.
             3- Pre Maintenance, eases you toward adopting permanently a new, healthier way of eating that, with a modest degree of thoroughness on your part will allow you to stay slim forever.
             4- Lifetime maintenance, is the game plan that will keep those banished pounds at bay for the rest of your days.
             The six reasons why Atkins" works:.
             1- It mobilizes more fat for use as energy than any diet. Atkins" has been proven to take off more fat than any other program when the same amount of calories is consumed.
             2- The controlled carbohydrate approach is not one of deprivation. hunger is the main reason for failure of diet's. Atkins" takes the sugars out of a persons diet, but because your not eating the sugars so your not as hungry, and you will feel full more than you normally would.
             3- Atkins" is the easiest way to maintain weight loss. The problem with low calorie/low fat diet is that the maintenance program is very different from weight loss program, so when you return to your former way of eating the pounds come back, and fast.

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