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Atkins diet

             Do you need more energy? How about boosting your self-confidence? Would you like to feel more attractive? Have you ever wanted to lose weight and keep it off? How about minimizing the risk factors for certain diseases? In the past, did you think that in order to lose weight the right way you had to cut out red meat, remove the skin from chicken, eat a baked potato without the butter or sour cream, load up on salads but hold the dressing, consume lots of pasta, or have only frozen yogurt for dessert? .
             II. I have some vital information for you today that could change your life drastically. I"m sure most of you have heard about or know someone who has been on the Atkins Diet. It's successful a huge proportion of the time for the majority of men and women. Of course there will never be one diet that works for everyone.
             III. I was once skeptical of this diet. However, four months ago my father, who is your average 45 year old man, decided to give the Atkins Diet a try after attempting and failing at all most every other diet out there on the market. .
             IV. Not only should a diet help you to lose weight, but it should also do it in a healthy way. It should never put the body at risk of breaking down and causing long-term damage.
             V. Today I will discuss with you the benefits of the Atkins diet and what makes it the most effective diet on the market. We will look at what it is, what foods you can eat, how the diet works, and what experts are saying about the diet. .
             I. First, lets look at what the Atkins Diet is exactly.
             A. The theory is that overweight people eat to many carbohydrates. .
             B. Not only does the Atkins diet promise weight loss, but it also increases memory function and aids to a healthy heart. .
             C. It also lowers cholesterol levels, helps diabetics, and helps protect brain cells.
             Many people think that once they cut out all carbohydrates then they have nothing else left to eat. However, this diet actually allows you to eat many foods that many dieters only dream about.

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