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            For my first project, I chose to observe my friends' weight loss plans. My friends Tracy Montgomery and Shane Cassidy are both 29 years old and are getting married in February. They have tried many different types of diets to lose weight and get in shape for the big day, so I chose to observe the types of diets they try and record their weight. Both Shane and Tracy live very busy lives and don't have time to exercise. They have tried diet pills, the Hollywood diet (you cannot eat for 2 days and you drink the Hollywood drink which has some sort of laxative in it), and have joined a gym in the hopes that since they were paying money to join, it would force them to go to the gym and work out, but nothing has worked out for them yet. Over the past four months I have observed Tracy and Shane's new diet plans and results to see if they will be successful.
             Both Shane's and Tracy's diets are known as "quick diets-. These types of diets never last long unless you take them seriously and have great determination. By limiting certain foods from your diet and then suddenly eating them again, the weight you lost is quickly added back on. I believe that Tracy's diet will be more successful. By limiting all fatty and greasy foods such as chips, sausage, bacon, and cookies I think she will lose fat faster and keep it off.
             Shane has chosen to try the Atkin's diet, which restricts carbohydrates, such as high-sugar foods, breads, pasta, cereal, and starchy vegetables. Within the 3-month range, Shane lost a total of 25 pounds, but in the fourth month he gained 15 pounds. In the 3 months Shane was on the Atkin's diet, the first month was the most crucial. Protein, such as chicken and red meat, are to be eaten, no carbohydrates were allowed. In the second and third months he was allowed to add certain minimal amounts of carbohydrates to his diet. For example, in the second and third months during breakfast, Shane would add 1 piece of toast or during dinner he would add a ½ baked potato.

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