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Dieter vs. nondieter

            Dieting has often been thought of as a way for an overweight person to shed those extra pounds; however, the subliminal pressures of today's society have dramatically changed the playing field. Today we see people diet or not for a variety of different reasons. The choice to diet or not can be attributed to laziness, health, and personal/physical appearance.
             Non-dieters at the height of their laziness resort to eating fast food. They order everything and anything on the menu. Some days they will go through the drive-thru and other days they will actually go in to eat their meal. In either case they like the convenience eating out affords them. Dieters on the other hand eat a majority of their meals at home. Dieters take the time to grocery shop and cook their own meals. If dieters do choose to eat out it is more than likely not going to be at a fast food establishment. If these dieters must choose fast food they will scrutinize the menu much more so than non-dieters. .
             People who diet also do so for health related issues. Some are overweight, some have a life threatening disease, and some just want to maintain a good level of health. Whatever the reason dieters make their food choices based on nutritional value, doctor's recommendation, and for weight loss purposes. Non-dieters do not plan their meals around their health. These people choose their foods based on wants or desires at that given moment. The consequences, obesity and deteriorating health, of these choices do not play a factor in their decision. Non-dieters perceive life as a "live for the moment" experience and food, no matter how unhealthy it may be, is a pleasurable and valued piece of this philosophy.
             People are bombarded daily by a barrage of advertisements and infomercials promoting the popular phrase "thin is in." Dieters who perceive themselves as overweight constantly strive to drop a pant size or two to look like the model on television.

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