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Who Are We?

             Theodore Fisher is the narrator in this story. He goes into great details about meeting up with Satan "The Mysterious Stranger". The adventure begins in the deep woods where the boys love to hang out. The setting takes place here. And so the tale begins. Satan befriends the lads, and takes them into his arms. There he shows them all the great things he can do. The people he makes out of clay and brings to life. The boys marvel at the way he seems to know everything they are thinking. Satan makes him and the boys invisible to Father Peter. This is where the good versus evil comes in. .
             Later in the story Fisher is told of the fate of his friend Nikolaus that he would soon die. Fisher then told Sippi what was soon to take place. The two boys would find away to help there friend, but fate would not allow it, for Nikolaus dies anyway. And because of this and Fisher has witnessed the reactions to a woman when she finds out her daughter has died also. The woman is put to death, and because of Sippi making an agreement with Satan, now Fisher will live a long life. .
             Who are we? If we could all be like Fisher and try and protect our friends and see that they were not in harms way, the world would be a better place. Fisher loved his friends. He loved sharing his secrets and thoughts with them. In the end I think Fisher did what he thought was right.
             In the story, the boys went to Father Peter and asked him what "Moral Sense" is? .
             "Why, it is the faculty which enables us to distinguish good from evil." Satan tells the boys that man has Moral Sense. Satan gives an example of a red spider and an elephant. Showing the boys that the elephant has "no" feelings toward the spider, that he does not care if the spider lives, dies, or sees his family again.
             I would have to say out of the two priests Father Adolf lacks Moral Sense. He seems to be out to get Father Peter and cause him great stress. Adolf reminds us of another Adolf for years later would be the cause of so many Jews dying, for this Adolf had no Moral Sense either.

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