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Sweet Home Alabama

            "Sweet Home Alabama- was written by C. Jay Cox and based on a story by Douglas J. For this paper, I chose to write about this movie by describing the characterization of the main character. This movie is about a small town girl who flees her hometown from boredom, leaving everything and everyone behind to start a new and exciting life. Some marital issues arise and she is forced to go back home and deal with the entities that she had never ended or finished. When this happens, she finds herself in a difficult position and is forced to choose her past or her present, which will determine her future.
             The main character, who was also the girl who ran away, was Melanie Carmichael, who was played by actress Reese Witherspoon. She was content with her mediocre life surrounded by her "low class- family and friends, until she realized there was possibly a better place to be and live. She was married to her childhood sweetheart, Jake, and they had a pretty pleasant life, until her change in plans. By her running away from home, it showed that she was a person who was very weak when it comes to confrontation. She seemed to be quite timid when it came to telling people the truth, probably because she feared hurting their feelings, but who isn't? When she did move, she went to New York City in hopes to become a designer. With that profession, she quickly changed from this sweet girl into a busy, snobby fashion designer who just cared about material things. She started to be the typical person who was involved with fashion. Then when she was faced again with Alabama, she took along her New York attitude, but when she was faced with what she left behind, she quickly changed back to the person she was and adapted to her roots. Witht hat change, she showed just how dominant an environment can be on a person and how quickly it transforms them. Then when her fiancé and her ex-husband met, she was left with no choice but to choose.

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