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            We as human beings struggle constantly to find meaning in our existence. There are complex stories of how we came to be, as well as many religions that we believe and follow in order to try and find our place in this world. The core of human nature, the duality of good and evil, has no doubt raised questions. Day to day duality is what drives us to debate. We do not all have one concise opinion on weather one thing and good and another bad. Duality exists only within our minds, and it prohibits us from seeing a world where this universal "yin" and "yang" doesn't play a role. We are unable to see, perceive, or comprehend a world of perfection. .
             "Every person has dignity and worth and, therefore,.
             should command the respect of every other person".
             This quote exemplifies perfection and without doubt undermines the characteristics of humanistic thought. The duality of human nature is what makes some people "evil" and others "good". There are certain people in this world who epitomize the darker side, commit heinous crimes against others and live in a world where greed is all that matters. Those people certainly do not have dignity or command respect. .
             The modern world is full of materialists and human greed that is fueled by technological advances. I have no doubt that the scientific and technological advances of the world have connected this world by eliminating distances, as well as given us the knowledge necessary to produce goods and services in abundance, and to control disease and death as well as birth. Along with many benefits, technology has also become an instrument of exploitation of people, destruction of cultures and device that aids in the dehumanization of people. It also poses the threat of destruction not only to the whole humanity through nuclear war but also to the whole community through destruction on an ecological basis. At the moment the evil aspect of the duality of human nature is being assisted along by technology.

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