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            Once one has analyzed the causes and symptoms of schizophrenia, one can then investigate the validity of films with schizophrenic themes. "A Beautiful Mind" is a true life story of the notorious mathematical genius, John Forbes Nash Jr (played by Russell Crowe). While still in college, Nash made an astonishing mathematical discovery, which should have given him international acclaim. Unfortunately for Nash, he had schizophrenia, which he suffered for most of his adult life. Hallucinations and (word) plagues his life. Even though he had this disorder, he was still able to get married and run a semi-normal life. The film attempts to portray his hardships with schizophrenia and how he eventually won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to mathematics.
             Since "A Beautiful Mind" is based on a true story, the film is pretty accurate in regards to schizophrenia. Nash, the main character, begins to have visual hallucinations of fake people, who convince him that he is working for the US government in deciphering codes intercepted from Russia. Even though visual hallucinations are rare in schizophrenic victims, they are possible. Throughout the movie, he was constantly paranoid that the Russians were going to try to kill him. It got so intense that, at points, he would be afraid to leave his house. Also, one can usually tell if another has schizophrenia. But, with Nash, he was able to "hide" his disorder from those around him till it got to intense in his life. Even after it was proved that he had schizophrenia, Nash would not take his medications since it would keep him away from his fantasy world. Paranoia is very common to patients with schizophrenia and "A Beautiful Mind" was able to portray that well through John Nash.
             "Psycho" is a film about an Arizona Real Estate office worker, Marion Crane. Crane wants to marry her lover, Sam. Unfortunately for the couple, due to their financial situation, they are unable to get married.

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