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            Kabbalah is described as Jewish mysticism dating back to the beginning of time according to holy beliefs. Opposed to traditional Judaism, Kabbalistic beliefs are based on a different interpretation of the book of Genesis. Kabbalistic concepts consist mainly of a Sephirot Tree which organizes the ten basic principals of life and an organized Universe making this branch of Judaism very different than other mainstream religions. Kabbalists have faith that divine status can be reached through means of traditional magick to find the meaning in numbers and letters of the holy scriptures making Kabbalah very unique in it's beliefs. I. Creation A. Taught by God to a group of angels B. Hebrew Sources in Israel C. first centuries B.C.E. II. Scriptures A. Book of Zohar (Book of Splendor) B. Sefer Yezirah C. Genesis, Old Testament III. Beliefs A. World Can be grasped through numbers and letters B. Job to discover hidden meaning in numbers and letters of holy scriptures through traditional magick methods C. Sephirot Tree of Life 1. ten numbers are working principals of life organized and pictured in the S.T.L. 10 - Malkuth Kingdom - Divine (Exile/Physical) 9 - Yesod - Foundation (Union of Male and Female) 8 - Hod - Glory (Dependence/Vulnerability) 7 - Netzach - Firmness (Leadership/Conference) 6 - Tiphareth - Beauty (Balance/Harmony) 5 - Geburah - Strength/Severity (Discipline/Boundaries) 4 - Chesed - Mercy/Love (Compassion/Healing) 3 - Binah - Intelligence/Understanding (Differentiation/Repentance) 2 - Chochmah - Wisdom (Pure Thought/Connectedness) 1 - Kether - Being/Existence (Will/Selflessness) 2. 11th Sephirot - Between Chochmah and Binah - Daath - Knowledge (sex) found in the first chapters of Genesis 3. climb tree by means of magick D. God 1. fills Universe 2. all things, good and evil/immanent and transcendent 3. boundless IV. Rituals/Ceremony A. Coming of Age 1. Bar Mitzvah a. ceremony of admitting a boy (13) to the adult Jewish community 2.

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