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Jacksonians and the Constitution

            Viewing themselves as guardians of the United States COnstitution was not a completely accurate view shared by the Jacksonian Democrats. Many Events during Jackson's presidency did not demonstrate dedication to the Consitution. A few of these events were The Corrupt Bargain, The Eaton Affair, and the Bank War. Although the Constitution was not fully figured out, it would be with the help of John Marshall. President Jackson believed in a powerful national government, but the government could not reach this state without first being able to get along with eachother.
             When Clay was appointed Secretary of State, it was called The corrupt Bargain. Many politicians ad commonpeople were very upset over this. The Eaton Affair was when Mr. Eaton married a friend of Jackson's. Jackson then made Mr. Eaton a cabinet member. Mrs. Eaton was not treated fairly by the other cabinet wives, which goes against the constituion. John. C. Callhoun and his wife refused to treat Mrs. Eaton with respect, eventually costing Callhoun the presidency.
             IN McCullouch vs Maryland, the constitutionality of the bank was upheld. The president of the National BAnk, Mr. Biddle, Concentrated on getting Jackson's opposers to his side, Jackson believed the bank was a monopoly, and was basically run by stockholders, not the government. SO Jackson vetoed any chance of the bank getting modifications. Daniel WEbster did not agree with Jackson's veto, saying that Jackson wanted to inflame the power against the rich, being unfair. But Jackson did want to be fair. With Missouri Compromise he made sure the balance between slave and free states was not upset. Supreme Court was fair in deciding the Charles River Bridge vs. Warren case.
             John Marshall wsa the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 35 years. At that time there were no previous cases to look back on when making a decision do he had to use the Consitution and follow it the best he could.

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