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The Brutish Stanley kowalski

             In A Streetcar Named Desire, Stanley Kowalski (Blanche's Brother-in-law) is one of the central character in the play. He is a 28 years old, medium height, about five feet eight or nine, strongly, powerfully, and compactly built. He is a boisterous brawling blue-collar working class common man who tolerates nothing but t he facts. Sex, beer, bowling, and poker are the only passions of Stanley's life style. He is loyal to his friends, passionate to his wife, and heartlessly to Blanche. He is a very brutal and barbaric person who always has to feel that no one is better than him. A domineering man by nature, he views women in general as weaker and less capable than men. Representing the modern world's worst aspects of vulgarity, abrupt rudeness and disillusionment.
             There is a major difference of Stanley's personality between the book and the movie. In my opinion, he acts more violent and brutal in the movie than the book. I know that Stanley is coarse and arrogant by reading the book. First, I thought that every time he gets so boisterously with his uncontrollable temper is because of his dislike and resent of Blanche's false delicate, aristocratic ways. After watching the movie his brutish and ferocious actions during the play leave people with a bad taste in their mouths. He better needs some psychological help to aid him to control his temper.
             Stanley's brutality is shown in several places during the play of The Streetcar Named Desire. Fore example, his first array of brutality is evident at the poker night when he gets so angry and throws the radio out the window. Another example of his brutality is displayed when he beats his wife, Stella. Lastly, his arrogance and ferocious actions are most apparent when he rapes Blanche, while his wife is in labor in the hospital.
             Stanley kowalski's first exhibition of his brutal actions occurs at poker night. Blanche turns on the radio, but Stanley demands her to turn it off.

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