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Blanche DuBois - An Unsympathetic Character

            A Streetcar Named Desire made its Broadway debut in 1947. It's shocking scenes, and forbidden themes were, although avant-garde, extremely well received by both the public and press. With it came the legendary characters of Stanley Kowalski, an ape like man married to Stella DuBois, a southern girl raised on a plantation in Mississippi. The most famous, or perhaps infamous, was Blanche DuBois, the deranged sister of Stella, who comes to live with her sister is New Orleans. She arrives in disgust at the conditions that her sister lives in while propagating her proper lifestyle. She is incessantly needy, and while Stella is willing to serve her every whim, her husband becomes fed up with her requests. As the story progresses she falls deeper and deeper into her fantasies until she eventually is sent to a mental hospital. Blanche DuBois is portrayed as an unsympathetic character in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Her pride, controlling personality, and descent into madness all contribute to the reader's dislike of her. .
             Blanche's sense of superiority and scorn of the other people living in New Orleans makes her an unsympathetic character. When she is first introduced, her disgust at the living conditions of her sister is apparent. She even asks, ".why didn't you let me know? that you had to live in these conditions?" Throughout the entire play, she complains about tight space that she herself is invading. She even goes so far as to state the only pure thing in the french quarter is the cathedral. Her pride also shows in her contempt for her sister's husband, Stanley. She sees him as uneducated, and, therefore, less of a human being. On multiple occasions, she calls him and animal and asks Stella why she continues to put up with someone of such brutish nature. .
             Blanche's personality is another contributing factor her unsympathetic portrayal. From the moment she arrives; she is waited on by her sister.

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