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Liberal education

            The purpose of a liberal arts education is not to train someone for a position. Its purpose is to develop habits of the mind that can be utilized in any profession, however I feel that a strong commitment to fundamental issues in a specific field should challenge students to think how their field responds to cultural and liberal circumstances, after they master the initial concept of a particular study. There is a dichotomy of liberal studies versus vocational studies. Among the students who are rationally motivated, their love and passion for their potential careers and goals in life are divorced by the standards of a liberal education where forced, accidental, and blind themes prevail. No true commitment or pursuit of an initial interest is possible without the gradual and general diffusion of one's talent and motivation that takes place in a liberal arts environment academically and socially. Therefore, if one does truly wish to prepare themselves to become skilled in the methodologies, doctrines, and values of a particular field or profession, then they should not have to settle for a vocational school, without the traditional amenities of a college or university campus. Students should be able to attend colleges and universities that can fulfill their expectations of vocational study, without the systems forcing the fragmented fields of study, garbled educational purposes and trivialized scholarship of a liberal education upon them. .
             The nature of a liberal curriculum includes no vocational training and doesn't permit any intense subject-matter specialization. The belief that a student such as I indicated above, is helped by the accumulation of unrelated information is not only false but I feel, can also be destructive. It is not a useful process of learning without reference to theories and problems in a choice of one's major and I mean destructive in that Liberal education does not affirm intellectual growth nor provide the personal profit or self worship.

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