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Liberal Economic Party

             Liberal Economic Policy.
             The Liberal Party has used a very unique economic policy over the past years that the party has been in office for. This policy includes subjects like; better health care, large tax cuts, paying off debts, encouraged entrepreneurship, jobs and growth, and protection of the environment. The Liberal Party has been trying to protect the violent part of the Canadian society by recreating the Young Offenders Act, taking a stand on violence against women and children, and focusing on crime prevention. All though the party has some great ways to better the Canadian economy there are also some negative effects that the Liberal Party has created on Canada. Issues such as taking money from education, the gun registry, the Kyoto Protocol, and not dropping the GST are a few examples of how the Liberals have wasted the Canadian tax dollars. .
             All Canadians deserve equal health care, no matter how much money they have. A family's health care should never have to depend on a family's income. The Liberal government has gone against this declaration and has cut health care by almost $4 billion over the past four years. During the last election, the Liberal Party made a "Red Book" promise to not withdraw from health care field. Despite this promise, the liberals have still managed to do this. Through the Canada Health and Social Transfer, the Liberals will reduce federal support for health care by $7 billion ($2.4 billion in this year alone). We are already living with long waiting lists and unavailable treatments. Still, many important services, ex. dentistry, remain unavailable to those who do not have good insurance. The Liberal Party has done a very good job in terms of health care. All though they did have some problems with it earlier they have came back and resolved the problem. Canada has one of the top health care systems in the world because of the Liberals and it's because of the dedication it has towards the citizens of Canada.

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