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Military speech

             I am sure the most of you here today have at least one family member, either son or brother, who has attended the Cyprus Military Service. I have come here today to talk to you about the Military Services that are taken place HERE, in OUR country, Cyprus. I have come here today to talk about the future of YOUR child, of YOUR brother.
             I would like to begin by reminding you the fact that the Military service in Cyprus is compulsory. To start with, the military service has duration of 25 months and I would like to ask you all, individually, what good might come from 25 months of military service? What benefits does our country gain? Of course it gains the protection from other nations but that may also be achieved from a smaller duration of military service. So friends, what is their reason? Their justification? Their explanation?.
             My friends, I am sure that you agree that 25 months of military service is absurd! It is almost two years of struggle for the youth nowadays! Two years of torture! Two years of waste! Our sons should not suffer from such a thing called, "Military Service" Of course, military service should not be compulsory since we are such a small nation but it must be reduced! Twenty-five months is too much! So YOU, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, YOU must stand up for your child's rights! Military service MUST be reduced! As for myself, I have gone through the military service and have experienced the harsh and cruel attitude that is received by your captain. I too know the conditions in the military. The terrible and disgusting conditions of the military! When have you heard that the conditions in the military are good? Once? Twice? Three times? I understand the problems and I want to help. But in order for ME to help, I need YOU to help.
             Yes, I can see the positive smiles on your faces friends! No citizen must ever submit to their demands! No citizen must ever believe them again! No citizen must attend the military for two long lasting years! .

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