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Naturally Gifted

             Through 1750-1840 Britain went through one of the first industrial revolutions. This revolution increased the country's income, increased the life expectancy of its people, and gave birth to a social consciousness. The question remains, how did England reach the point where it was ready to go through this process of industrial revolution? There were several factors that came into this equation and allowed England to transform itself. Starting in the 1850's England found itself giving birth to new agricultural techniques, increasing the proficiency of its trade/commercial sector, improving its manufacturing, changing the transportation system, and finally producing a population with a favorable mind set. It was all of these factors combined that created the preconditions for England's industrial revolution. .
             Before the industrial revolution could get into full swing the agricultural techniques of the day would have to improve, and improve they did. With the use of scientific farming England was able to drain fins and make them into workable fields. This in itself increased the general productivity of the agricultural community. However, it was the better understanding of crop rotation that gave the community its best results. When the people began making use of their knowledge of crop rotation they saw a 15-30% increase in production. Also, the developments in the areas of plows, seed drills, threshers, and other such items cut down on the needs for labor which also increased production. Seeing the improvements in farming many of land lords jumped on the band wagon, and they closed of village commons, empty fields, and some of their land to make enclosures. All of the above factors greatly increased the food output for England, which feeds directly into the next precondition for the industrial revolution, demographics.
             Due to the fact that there was more food available, the life expectancy of the average person increased.

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