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Jehan-Georges Vibert's

            On my last assignment I had done my work on Jehan-Georges Vibert's "Around The World."" While viewing Vibert's other work I noticed many characteristics that were apparent in all his work. Jehan Vibert lived a very interesting life and I was very pleased to read and learn about it.
             He was Born on September 30th, 1840 in France. Early on in his life he was trained under Barrias and at the age of 17 he entered into the Eoole des Beaux Arts. Throughout the early part of his career he had painted mostly dramatic and serious subjects like the "Death of Narcissus Around the year of 1867 he had changed his style to work such as "The barber of Ambulart- instead of heroic Christians and tragic mythology. - Now he put all his work into comedy and satire. He also wrote several comedy plays which were produced at Paris theaters such as the Vaudeville. He gathered much of his subject matter from the French Lafotaine and the satirist Jonathan Swift. .
             In 1870 while Paris was in war with the Prussians Vibertfought and and was wounded at the battle of Malmaison where he would earn knighthood as the legion of honor. In the year 1878 he achieved his first popular success with a history painting called "The Apotheosis of Mr. Thiers."" .
             During the later part of his life he turned his interest to the clergy. He did paintings like The Fortune Teller and The Diet. These types of paintings is what would make his reputation.The cheerfulness and playfulness in Vibert's character are traits that would also distinguish his works and make his reputation. .
             In 1882, he was promoted to Officer of the Legion of Honor, for his painting this time. This growing reputation would make him one the most sought after atelier masters at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. This would lead him to being one of the seven most influential artists of his time, along with Bouguereau, Cabanel, Meissonnier, Gérame, Bonnat, and Lefebvre.

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