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Lewis and Clark

             The Lewis and Clark Expedition was written by Gunther Barth. The members of the expedition had many objectives to achieve that was set for them by President Thomas Jefferson. They had many hardships to overcome throughout their journey, they also learned about many unexplored places and came into contact with Indian nations. Lewis chose himself the members of the mission himself. After the men were chosen they had to put their fears and their lives aside. They attended this mission not knowing what to expect, travel to new places, and face war with other tribes and other nations, traveling in the west. .
             In the expedition Thomas Jefferson gave Lewis and Clark some objective goals to reach throughout the mission. The reason Jefferson wanted Lewis and Clark to go on this journey to the western part of the United States is because it was to protect the economical and political interest in the amount of trade for the United States. Jefferson feared that the Spanish would block the route to New Orleans and then America wouldn't have any way of trading. Jefferson also feared that the United States would lose the Pacific Coast if they didn't make a journey out to the west. The Americans were also interested in exploring the land in the west to see what they can use for their own needs. They looked for new passages than the ones they already knew; they were also interested in what other geographical aspects where in the west. Fur trade was one of the ways that the Americans made their money. The Indians also had some fur trade in the North West that influenced the Americans to see how their fur trade was doing. Jefferson has a specific instruction for Lewis and Clark when they were to run into an Indian tribe. " In all your intercourse with the natives treat them in the most friendly and conciliatory manner which their own conduct will admit; commercial dispositions of the U.S of our wish to be neighborly, friendly and useful to them.

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