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lewis and clark

            Meriwether Lewis and William Clark fulfilled a wonderful mission for the United States of America that will enable the U.S. to grow as a nation. This expedition was one of courage, knowledge, and great adventure. Lewis and Clark encountered many obstacles as the traveled through rivers, plains, mountains, and woodlands all the way to the Pacific Ocean. As they made there way to the Pacific not only did the expedition had to endure the rugged terrain, but the many different Indian tribes that crossed the paths of the explorers. .
             The "Corps of Discovery" began its wonderful adventure on May 14, 1804 at the start of the Missouri river. The expedition average about 15 miles a day. (638) As Lewis & Clark made their way up the Missouri river, where they first encountered the Teton Sioux. These Indians were the most powerful of the tribes as they carried guns and knives as they roam the plains along the Missouri river. After a brief encounter with the Teton Sioux the expedition made its way up the Missouri to the Knife River near the North Dakota Territory. That's where the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes greeted them with open arms. The explorers built a log fort to spend the long and frigid winter, as they exchange pleasantries with both tribes. The Mandan were mostly an agricultural village while the Hidatsa adopted more of a buffalo culture. As winter broke the expedition had picked up two key editions, Toussaint Charbonneau and Sacagawea, to help guide the explorers through the country never before traversed by white men. (638).
             As Lewis & Clark reached the navigable limits of the Missouri on August 17, they made their first contact with the Lemhi Shoshone. The Chief Cameahwait turned out to be Sacagawea brother, which the expedition was very fortunate because they receive horses and guides to help them through the great Mountains. The Lemhi Shoshone originated in a Great Basin. After this encounter the explorers carried on through the continental divide and proceeded along the Lemhi and Salmon rivers.

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