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Globalization (cultural)

            Every day you hear it on the news, you read it in the papers, you overhear people talking about it and in every single situation the word globalization seems to have a different meaning. The word "globalization" is continually abused and presents a problem because its definition is multidimensional. So what is globalization? Globalization can be defined as the gradual reduction of regional contrasts at the world scale, resulting from increasing international culture, economic, and political exchanges (Blij G-5). The term globalization usually refers to economic matters, however there is a wave of effects that makes the impact of globalization broader culturally and socially. Cultural, ideas and customs soon follow shortly after the exchange of goods cross-national boarders (Kluver). For example, international trade has caused the spread of most religions, such as Christianity, to Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and America (Masuda 67).
             Cultural globalization does not only affect people in remote places of the world, it is also occurring on our homeland. The United States was formed by a combination of different people from different ethnic groups and cultures escaping their homelands to practice and exercise their own beliefs (Kulver). Here in Orange County, we are a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic groups. However, presently cultures are becoming less defined from one another, and even forgotten. The problem is that we are forgetting what our ancestors did and believed in before they moved to the United States (Chase-Dunn 140). Humans need culture; we are drawn to it. Culture gives people a sense of meaning. Our roots and history originate from our culture, if we forget our culture will we lose who was are (Masuda)?.
             Globalization causes cultural change. According to Christopher Chase- Dunn in the Journal of World-Systems Research, people around the world are more connected than ever before.

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