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            The world has many very important scientific questions that need to be answered. One of these questions has to do with cryonics. Is cryonics moral or immoral? What about the legal issues with cryonics? I believe there should be no question on whether or not cryonics should be considered an illegal practice or an immoral practice. It's just similar to some medical procedures.
             What is cryonics? Cryonics is the process of freezing an individual who had a terminal illness with hopes in the future that there will be a cure for his/her illness. .
             Freezing the person is a long and complex process. Most of the people who plan to go through this process have made prior arrangements with the hospital, funeral director, and of course the Cryonics Institute. .
             First the person must be legally pronounced deceased. The person could be cooled right after. Also the person should be injected with a drug called heparin, which is an anti-coagulant that prevents the blood from clotting. The body then should be packed in ice and sent to the Cryonics Institute in Clinton Township, Michigan. .
             When the body arrives at the institute, it will go through a medical procedure called "wash out and perfusion." This five-step medical procedure basically removes all the blood from the body and replaces it with a glycerin-based solution. Hopefully this solution helps stop the damage that the freezing process creates. The body still hasn't been removed from the ice that it was originally packed in. .
             The next procedure requires a sleeping bag, an insulated box, and a fairly large amount of dry ice. The dry ice is placed above the body which is in the sleeping bag and inside the box. The amount of dry ice needed will increase until the body temperature reaches negative forty degrees Fahrenheit. .
             The body is then moved to an insulated container filled with liquid nitrogen. The body is lowered into the container until it is completely covered.

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