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             Cryonic suspension is defined by the Immortality Institute as the process of preserving patients .
             who can no longer be kept alive by today's medical capabilities at low temperature for medical .
             treatment in the future. It involves cooling patients to the point where molecular physical decay .
             completely stops. Although science has not yet found a way to reverse this process, it is based on the .
             expectation that the future of medical technology and science will be able to cure today's diseases, .
             reverse the effects of aging, and repair any injury caused by the suspension process. These .
             technologies could then resuscitate suspended patients to enjoy health and youth indefinitely. This is .
             the discipline known as cryonics. .
             Cryonics is about life, not death. .
             Death is the single biggest tragedy of any human's life. Death doesn't merely end life; it .
             interrupts the very process of living. Death limits and stunts our experience of life. We live with limited .
             hope and possibility. We live scarred with fear, grief, and puzzlement, because we must live with the .
             fact that in fifty years -- or twenty, or ten, or even tomorrow -- our lives and the lives of everyone we love .
             will come to an end. Why work, plan or do anything at all if, as poets have said, "In the long run we are .
             all dead"? However, now only if one has not chosen cryonics on the day one dies, that day will be the .
             end of his or her life, with no hope and no reprieve. .
             Imagine a world where you no longer have to run a losing race against time. People would not .
             have to face certain, inevitable death. The world is cruel. The world sees to it that the only thing people .
             know about their future is that they will surely die. Cryonics makes it so that life is conquered. .
             Cryonics allows people not to treat life half-heartedly because they know that in the end they will lose. .
             Before the possibility of immortality by cryostasis, some people approached death by facing .

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