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Urban schools

            It is very clear that urban schools are not as equip as schools in the suburbs or rural areas. It is safe to say that not all urban schools are in bad situations when it comes to low-test scores, and the students" performance in the classroom, but most urban schools are performing unsatisfactory. This is because of its economic background, educational environment/ community/ family, and policies in terms of educational programs. This paper will provide an extensive overview on urban education, which will include a comparison of black and white test scores; the effects urban communities and families have on children, and money for education.
             Black and White Test Score Comparison.
             African Americans currently score lower than European Americans on vocabulary, reading, and mathematics test, as well as on tests that claim to measure scholastic aptitude and intelligence. This gap appears before kindergarten, and it persists into adulthood. It has narrowed since 1970, but the typical American black still score below 75 percent of American whites on most standardized tests. On some tests the typical American black scores below more than 85 percent of whites. The black white tests score gap does not appear to be an inevitable fact of nature. It is true that the gap shrinks only a little when blacks and whites families in all the same amount of schooling, income, and some wealth. The best-known test that claims to measure academic aptitude is the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The SAT was developed in the 1930s to help selective colleges identify talented students from mediocre high schools who performed poorly on traditional achievements tests because they had not studied the relevant subject matter (Asberry 1997). At the time many testers still believed that they could measure innate ability. They also thought that a measure of innate ability would predict college success better than traditional achievement tests did.

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