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Biotech Food Labels Act of 2002

            Imagine what it would be like if the food industry boomed, if foods contained more nutrients than before, and if world hunger wasn't such a monstrous problem. That could happen if you pass the Biotech Food Labels Act of 2002. You would be ensuring that the testing is accurate and that every biotech food is labeled. All companies who produced biotech foods would have to abide by this law. The food industry could be safer.
             Responsibility would be placed into the hands of companies who make the biotech foods in the first place. The products would have to be tested by the companies who make them. They would even be labeled by their companies. The FDA will have to test every product before they are put on the market. You would be expanding job opportunities for the companies, also. This bill would benefit manufacturers and consumers alike.
             The tests would be thorough. The FDA would establish procedures by which the companies must adhere. The companies would also be required to label their product after they are tested and approved. The label would have to state that the product contains genetically modified material and any possible allergens for that particular product. This would enable the consumers to be aware of what they are buying, and how it was made. It is every consumer's right to know.
             If this bill is not enforced, it won't have any effect at all. In the USA, all genetically modified food companies would have to adhere to this bill. If they did not, the company would be required to recall their product within thirty days. The FDA would define rules and regulations that would state these penalties for the companies who do not abide this bill.
             All this would come into play when you pass this bill. The biotech food companies would be in charge of labeling and testing their own products. The FDA would establish regulations concerning the specific testing procedures. The products of companies who do not comply would be taken off the market.

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