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The Course McBride 1

             A golf course to most people is grass, trees, water, and a bunch of guys hitting a ball and chasing it. To me it is so much more. When I look at a golf course, I see a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful, euphoric place.
             The best time to go to a course is in the morning. The rising sun shines down on the glistening morning dew. It's like an ocean of green grass. The birds sing their songs to each other. The wind blows ever so gently through the branches of the trees.
             As you walk onto the course, the beauty of the landscaping and green grass catches your eye. The landscaping, with its ever-changing design, the grass so green and cut so perfect. There is so much time and effort that goes into keeping a golf course looking the way it does.
             The groundskeepers, who take care of the course, don't get the credit they deserve. They put in countless hours of backbreaking labor. Constantly changing this or fixing that. The groundskeepers are the extraordinaire, who take ordinary land, and change it into a work of art.
             Another noticeable part of a golf course, are the sounds of the people. One moment you hear cheers of joy, the next yelling and cursing. A golfers attitude changes throughout a round of golf. Every emotion possible can be experienced in a matter of .
             McBride 2.
             seconds. It begins with build up of anxiety before striking the ball. Then the feel of fear sets in as you watch your ball, hoping it goes straight and not right or into the water. Depending on the shot there is relief and happiness, or anger and hatred of the game. Golf is a psychologist's worst nightmare, and sometimes a golfer's too.
             There are so many things that make a golf course special. Each individual has his or her own reasons. For some it's the relaxation of the cool brisk air in the morning. Others enjoy the warmth of the sun beating down on them as they get away from all their worries and problems. And some just enjoy the game of golf.

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