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            The concept of mission is a complex one and many people have different definitions of what mission is and should be. Some feel mission applies to a body of envoys sent to a foreign country or, "A purpose for which a person or group of people are sent." (Oxford Dictionary) Many hold the opinion that mission is a purpose or task that people feel themselves drawn to; their vocation. .
             Jesus was called by God and sent to earth to be, "a light to all the nations" so that "All mankind shall see the salvation of God." (Luke 3:6) Jesus knew that he would suffer but yet he did not shy away form his calling. Patrick to was absolutely certain that his mission to the Irish was a call from God. In both his letter and Confessio we see, "his immoveable conviction of his call by God to proclaim the Gospel to the early Irish." (Mulholland) The Apostles too were called to be witnesses to the Good News and missionaries of Christ, "Jesus united them (The Apostles) to the mission he received from the Father they were called by God as ambassadors for Christ." (CCC) To Peter, "Jesus entrusted a unique mission Peter is the unshakable rock who is given the power of the keys and the power to bind and loose." (CCC) Many early Celtic Missionaries experienced the call from God to be, "exiles for the love of Christ." (Adomnan in his Life of Colmcille) Ciaran of Clonmacnois experienced his call in a dream, like Patrick, calling him, "To go to a bank of a stream and there found a Church." Those who joined the Peregrination movement felt the same calling made by God to Abraham to, "Get these from thy country and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, to a land I will show thee." (Gen 12:1) They went with total dependence on God like Columbanus, " seeking the salvation of many.".
             There are many similarities between the great missionary figures from both the time of Jesus and the time of Patrick and the Celtic Saints.

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