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School money

            In today's society it seems like money is everything. It is as though in order to succeed in life you got to.
             have money. When I was younger, I didn't really understand that, but now that I am in high school, I.
             can see how money really makes things easier. Money even makes high schools a more pleasant.
             environment. It can help things like better school and sports equipment and better school building.
             maintenance. It can even make the teachers happier.
             Money can help schools buy better equipment. For example, at Mission Valley our computers.
             seem to constantly be broken down, or for some reason they won't let anyone sign on. Even when our.
             computers do work they seem to run slower than most other computers, especially in the computer.
             classes when every one is on them at the same time. If Mission Valley had better computers, then we.
             could look up information faster and therefor not spend as much time on each individual project. .
             Maybe we could spend more time learning from the text books. The text books at Mission Valley also.
             seem to be outdated, like in my psychology book I am reading about experiments they did in the.
             eighties. Surely they have found some new information in the past twenty years. .
             How good a sports team does, often depends on how hard they work in the off-season. Even.
             though schools are supposed to be for learning, in all honesty some kids just go to school to play sports. .
             Compared to most schools, our athletic equipment is behind. Our football sleds are all old and over.
             used. Lots of the basketballs are worn. Our weight room facility is nice, but lots of the equipment is old.
             and outdated. Our softball equipment is nice, and they won state last year, but most of their equipment.
             is paid for by their coaches. It is a lot easier for the students to be motivated and easier to develop the.
             skills with newer and nicer athletic equipment.
             Have you ever tried to focus on something when you are constantly cold? Well the students at.

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