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             Since the beginning of mankind, there have been many different religions that different cultures have believed in. These different cultures have there own beliefs in Gods as well as what happens after death. One of the most famous religions that have been around and is still here today is Buddhism. Dating back, scientists have found that this religion started around the 6th and 7th centuries. This religion is worshiped world wide as but is mostly practiced in what is known as modern day India.
             The founder of Buddhism was a man named Siddhartha Gaumata, which was born on 563 B.C. Gaumata was known to be a very handsome man that he was married at 16 years old. Gaumata's dad had three different palaces. In one of them he kept Gaumata locked up in until he was 29 years old. Gaumata eventually got out and sought Hindu Masters so he could learn from them, but they couldn't bring him any enlightenment. After Gaumata left the Hindu Masters he joined a group of Ascetics and outdid them, also he couldn't find any enlightenment from them either. Gaumata then thought he would try a middle way and went into meditation for a long time and woke up to the Buddha. From then on the rules of Buddhism came from that incident.
             There four basic types of Buddhism in India right now. The first is Theravada, second is Mahayana, third is Vatrayana, and last but not least is Zen, which is one of the main types of Buddhism in the United States. Pali Canon is one of the languages that the Theravada was written in. The Pali Canon is conversations and teaching within the Buddha at different times with different people. There is three parts to the Pali Canon, which is called the Tripitaka. Sutta is the first in which it is the teachings of the Buddha. Second, is the regulation for the monks, called the Vinaya. The last is the Abhidamma that basically furthers the teachings of the Buddha in philosophical and psychological issues.

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