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Why Wear a Helmet

            The long time argument of pedal bikers, skaters, and motor bikers having to wear a protective helmet shouldn't even be an argument at all, people of all ages not matter what circumstance should have to wear a helmet at all time's while riding a bike or driving a motor bike. My mother has worked in a brain injury unit as a teacher for as long as I can remember; consequently, I have seen and experienced the affects of wearing and not wearing a helmet while involved in a crash or accident. Just recently in Alberta, Canada the government has just passed a law stating that all persons under the age of 18 must have a helmet on at all times while riding a bike, rollerblading, or even skateboarding, if caught without a helmet while doing one of these activities they will receive a fine from $100-$300. When I was 4 years old I was hit by a truck going 80km/h while I was riding my bike, thanks to the helmet that my mother made me wear I am still here today only have suffering minor brain trauma and a broken collier bone, I owe my life to the helmet that I was wearing at the time. I guess since I have seen and experienced the affects that brain damage has on a person and their families I can not even comprehend why people would even think of not wearing a helmet while on a bike let alone a motor bike. People that don't wear a safety helmet while on a motor bike I carry no sympathy for, these people are old enough to know the consequences and still do it; therefore, they are the creator of their own pain and suffering. A healthy brain is very important too, so wear a helmet.

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