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             So you think you have what it takes to win in the ultimate game of Survivor? Can you outlast all of your opponents? Can you learn real survivor skills that are needed to remain alive? There will be a handsome reward if you are able to even live. If you think you have what it takes read on. But beware, this season we've changed the rules to gladiatorial combat style.
             The Location.
             Before actually entering the contest, there will be training. Training will take place either in Rome or one of the provinces. As a gladiator, you will be owned by a lanista and training will take place at their school, or a ludus. While staying at the ludus, the training will be extensive and plentiful. You will be taught the necessary skills of fighting for survival in the arena for combat. The training will be rigorous and tough, to ensure that you do not die. Your death is certain to bring monetary loss to your lanista. .
             The lanista is able to make a very wealthy profession of "renting" you and his gladiators for the games. Although the lanista would have enough money to be thought of as rich and wealthy, he will never be associated with the aristocrats of society. Being a lanista is thought of being at the very bottom of Roman society. Auguet, an ancient Roman writer, is noted as saying, "It was in the eyes of the Roman he was regarded as both a butcher and a pimp it was upon him that society cast all the scorn and contempt aroused by an institution which reduced men to the status of merchandise or cattle." Although this opinion is held of the lanistas, the games will provide enough excitement and entertainment to pacify the spectators of this feeling towards them.
             Once the training is complete, the true test begins. The wooden swords are replaced with metal ones where the slightest errant move is sure to result in death. Up until the late first century BC the games were held in the city's Forum. In the forum would be temporary wooden stands, which would hold the audience as they poured into the stands to see blood and gore.

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