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             The movie Gladiator is a story about the Roman Empire back in 160 A.
             movie contains some factual information. It also has many false historical facts. The plot .
             of the movie starts with a general of the Roman army, Maximus, who leads his army to .
             victory. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius asks Maximus to become emperor instead .
             of his own son Commodus. He asks Maximus right before he is going to die. When .
             Marcus tells his son Commodus that he wants Maximus to be the next emperor .
             Commodus kills him. Commodus asks Maximus to serve him but he refuses. .
             Commodus orders that Maximus and his wife and child be killed. Maximus kills the men .
             that were sent to execute him, but was unable to save his family. He was so badly hurt .
             that he passed out and was captured by slave traders. He was sold to Proximo to fight as .
             a gladiator. Gladiators fight until all their enemies are dead for the entertainment of the .
             Maximus becomes a true gladiator and was the best fighter of all of them. When .
             he goes to the coliseum, in Rome, he becomes very popular with every victory. His plan .
             is to get revenge on Commodus, who killed his family and Marcus Aurelius. Commodus .
             had a sister named Annia Lucilla who was afraid of him. She had strong feelings for .
             Maximus and wanted to help him escape. Commodus threatened to kill Annia Lucilla's .
             son if she helped Maximus escape. She tells him the plan and Commodus sets a trap to .
             recapture Maximus. Commodus challenges Maximus to fight in the coliseum but stabs .
             him in the side before the fight begins. Even though he was hurt Maximus still fought .
             Commodus and won the fight. Commodus died and Maximus died shortly after that and .
             went to join his family in heaven.
             There was a Roman general named Maximus but not until the third century. He .
             was not Spanish and he was never a gladiator. When Commodus took the throne, in 180 .
             A.D., Annia Lucilla was suspected of being a traitor and was sent away and murdered.

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