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John's Final End

            John was 16-year-old, high school student. He had a lot of friends who enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed theirs. John wasn't a bad student either; he got mostly A's and B's once in a while, very rarely he"ll get a C. He was a typical teenager living a happy life, but there was only problem. This problem was the reason why his family and friends feared his health. John was a member of a dangerous gang!.
             John didn't even seem to notice that he was in danger. He had recently joined two weeks ago. He was reluctant at first but after a few persuasions he finally gave in. John's gang killed other gangs, and even innocent people that were in their way or if they got them upset. John was never there when they did their killings, so it was a shock to him when the gang leader, Sean, shot another gang member's sister because he didn't like her.
             John was very shock and scared. That day he went home that night and began to think about his life and what he had gotten himself into. He actually began to realize that his own life was in danger. He decided that the next day he"ll go tell his Sean that he didn't feel comfortable being in the gang anymore. Little did he know what was coming.
             The next afternoon when he met up with the gang he told them he was thinking about dropping out. Hearing this made Sean very angry. John realized this but still continued to speak. He told them that killing was wrong and that they have to live their lives like this. He also said killing isn't right, and they shouldn't be hurting other people because of their insecurity. By now Sean was furious. He got up and flung his chair and orders the rest of the gang to attack John. Obediently, the rest of the gang attacked. .
             Hearing all the noise, the neighbors called the police. The police immediately came, catching Sean and his gang in the act. They tried to escape but were unsuccessful. John was severely beaten and was instantly rushed to the hospital.

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