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Argument Syntheses-Obesity

            In today's culture, there is a pressure to be thin. Everyone wants to be like the "model" human. This means keeping a certain weight to "look normal." Obesity has a tendency to lead to medical problems. Obese people are also made fun of a lot. On the other hand, there's pressure to be unrealistically thin in society. There is a solution, in that to be fit and healthy rather than being thin. There are a few essays in the chapter entitled "Weight Debate", that are relevant to this issue. Those that I will be touching upon are: "Too Close to the Bone," by Roberta Seid and "Too Much of a Good Thing," by Greg Crister. Thinness should be a way of life for people in today's society. Fatness is a bad thing in many aspects, so thinness will solve all those problems.
             There are many causes to the pressure of being thin. I believe that the biggest cause would be the media. Everywhere you turn you see a thin model or a clothes ad. Many of those models are anorexic or bulimic. What most people do not know is that many of these ads are digitally enhanced that the models look skinnier than they really are. These are the "idols" that younger girls look up to, and try to emulate them. This leads to many health problems in the future. Many obese people are treated unfairly and made fun of. In Greg Crister's essay,.
             Randell 2.
             "Too Much of a Good Thing," he states that "No one should be stigmatized for being overweight. But stigmatizing the unhealthful behaviors that cause obesity would confirm with what we know about effective health messages." This explains that when you see a .
             ad to stop smoking, they usually make fun of the idea of smoking. This shows the consumer how bad they are for you. Making fun of obese people just the same lets people know how being that big is bad for you.
             Fashion is another big pressure to be thin. Many clothes are made smaller these days, and of course you have to be small to fit in them.

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