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Willie Lynch Papers

            I was extremely upset as I listened to my professor read excerpts from the Willie Lynch Papers and then break down and explain what was actually being said. I never knew that such a disturbing document existed. I was angered by the fact that African-Americans were so freely compared to horses. It is a real sad thing that William Lynch truly believed African-American human beings to be equivalent to animals. .
             I see the same issues addressed in this document in today's society. The ideology of William Lynch suppressed blacks physically for hundreds of years and continues to do so mentally, economically and educationally. In the days of slavery a mother would raise her child to obey the master and do whatever the white man ordered, in fear of something happening to her or her child. I believe that this is the reason why whites have so much power today. Blacks still continue to feel as though they are inferior to whites. Black women think that they do not need black men because they serve no purpose. William Lynch indeed has succeeded in making black families not depend on each other but only on the white man. Black men do not believe they are worthy enough to be fathers or husbands, so they just walk away from their families. Black women allow themselves to be called "bitches" and "hoes" (names given to black women when they were raped by white men). Black men and even women call each other "nigger" (name used by white to degrade blacks). These ideas have turned blacks against each other (in families as well as in the corporate world). Blacks feel the need to turn towards violence within their race. Blacks are also jealous of one another and constantly compete with each other instead of working together. .
             The only way the problems implemented by this document can be corrected is if the black community first realizes that someone has planned the breakdown of the African-American culture.

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