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             It's amazing the things college students put before their school work, when in fact completing the work is the reason they"re here at WSU. Procrastination seems to be the silent assassin that attacks various students in both different ways and times. The culprit seduces young students and even finds itself in the path of students whom have been taught how to over come it. Outside of academics, procrastination is the leading activity on our campus. Reasons for doing so lurk around us on a consistent basis: the opposite sex, partying, social events and the infamous "I can do it the day before".
             Working backward from upperclassmen, some seniors say they have been playing "the school game" for so long that they know when to turn on the motivation and get assignments done. "I can't do work at normal times or at a paced out schedule, I do my best work at 2:37am when the lab is empty and my paper is due in less than eight hours," says senior Mikale Green. Some procrastination is brought about by boredom, if the work is not found challenging or critical to a grade it becomes a chore. Almost as if the assigned work has to be interactive. A majority of students prioritize their academic task by size or which one carries more weight, " I always think that if it's something small, it can be put off a little longer," says sophomore Penny Girlie.
             Another popular method of procrastination is timing, during the spring and early fall are times when the outside is more interesting than academics. .
             For some, it's the end of the year or a college career and some students choose to go out easy, and outside provides an escape from pressures that classes give or the outside world has in store. "It's kinda hard to concentrate on studies when you can hear everybody outside having a good time," says freshman Johnny Williams of Clarion University. .
             Battling procrastination is one of the many obstacles students have to deal with year in and year out; there is always something else to do.

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