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The Birds

             At some point in the evolution of man, there came a time when man became the conqueror of all animals. Humans prevailed, and continue to prevail over inferior animals. Humans have evolved into highly intelligent, emotional, and psychological beings. However, with such intelligence also comes the capacity to harm other creatures "including other humans "unnecessarily, and sometimes without remorse. Subsequently, more power is obtained and the human psyche is forever tarnished. At times it seems human beings disregard nature, forgetting where they themselves came from, taking for granted the power they have over all of the living things that existed long before human arrival. .
             In the movie The Birds', Alfred Hitchcock switches the position of power from humans to birds. Birds are normally passive creatures that rarely, if ever threaten any other animals. Hitchcock illustrates that the relationship between humans and animals is fragile, as are the relationships between humans themselves. In particular, the relationship between mother (Mrs. Brenner) and son (Mitch Brenner) is violated by the heroine, (Melanie Daniels). It seems that Melanie's arrival at Bodega Bay causes, in some indirect way, the madness of the birds and their attack on humans. The birds' madness parallels Mrs. Brenner's obsession with keeping her son from abandoning' her. Thus, Melanie's relationship with Mitch cannot develop. They are constantly interrupted either by Mrs. Brenner or another bird attack. In the end, the audience is left unsure of whether their relationship progresses. It seems that any hope they have for each other has been dissolved.
             In the scene when Mrs. Brenner goes to Dan Fawcett's Farm, the audience is relieved that Mitch and Melanie are finally left alone at the house so that they may begin their romance. However, Hitchcock does not follow the couple, he follows Mrs. Brenner.

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