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Spain The Land of many Culture

             The Spaniard people as a whole are very assorted from many other cultures. Their culture revolves around the families, friends, and of course their food. They are very family oriented and are vastly devout towards their religions. They are cheerful and love to be entertained. .
             The Spanish like to spend their leisure time with their family, whether it is playing games, going to or having parties They like to attend activities such as sports events like soccer or more traditional activities like Bullfighting. They enjoy spending their time outdoors as much as possible. .
             Fiestas or Parties play a major role in Spanish life. Each city has its own special fiesta, often in honor of a saint. These fiestas include parades, fireworks, dancing, bullfights, carnivals, and wearing festive costumes. Spain's official national holidays are New Year's Day, Feast of San Jose (March 19th), Holy Week and Easter, Labor Day (May 1st), The King's Birthday (June 24th), Santiago Day (June 25th), National Day (December 6th), Immaculate Conception (December 8th), and Christmas. The only difference with Christmas is that the gifts are not opened until the Day of the Three Wise Men on January 6th.
             Spain is primarily a Roman Catholic nation. Spanish live are influenced by Catholic traditions. Freedom of religion was granted in the 1970s, opening the way for many Spaniards to begin joining other churches. Although the people have their choice of religion, 99 percent of the people are baptized as Catholics. The remainder of the population classify themselves as either a part of the Protestants, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and some few Moslems and Jews. .
             The official language of Spain is Castilian. It is the same as what every other country calls Spanish. Though this is the main language each general region has there own language. The other sub-languages are Catalan, Galician and Basque; nevertheless there are many other little languages.

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