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             Many different origins of people have dotted the land of Spain. Although Spain is known for their beautiful sights, there is also much historical background that took place as well. A great deal of blood and battle covered the beautiful land of Spain, and all of it was worth the lustrous land.
             The Iberians, whom were from the south, made the first human settlement in Spain. After the Iberians settled, the Celts moved in, and from the two merging types of people arose the Celt Iberians whom split up and formed many individual tribes, which were called the Cantabarians, the Asurians, and the Lusitanians. The next dominant people to arrive were the powerful Phoenicians, who came due to the recent wealth in mining. The Phoenicians established a number of trading posts on the coast of Spain. They helped increase trade throughout Spain. After the Phoenicians came, Greek settlers moved in and established several towns thus threatening the Phoenicians for power and land. The Phoenicians then called upon the Cathaginians whom helped them take possession of Spain under the orders of Hamilcar Barca. Because of the feud between the two, Rome put a border to separate them and the Phoenicians. This brought on the Second Punic war. This long drawn out war ended in a Roman victory. Publious Cornelious Scipio then began the conquest of which stayed under Roman control for over six centuries. Rome's presence in Spain was accompanied by much of their traditions and beliefs. They brought and established their Latin language, Roman law, the municipality and the Christian religion, all of which were kept when the Roman rule ended. After six centuries the Suevi, the Vandals and the Alans entered Spain. They were defeated early in their conquest by the Visigoths whom occupied practically the entire land of which Spain occupied. The Visigoth period in the 5th century had many heartaches in its illustrious civilization but was never the less a productive period in which the Visigoths ruled.

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