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France and Spain in the New World

            In the late 1400's Europe wanted to expand their oversea trade with Asia. Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus wanted to find a shorter route that would get him to Asia but while on his search he accidentally found North America. After Spain's discovery of the New World, word spread around Europe and other countries began to take interest; in particular France. This historic event of Columbus' discovering North America would eventually lead to many bloodshed battles between the Spaniards and the Natives. On the other hand, France took a different approach with the Natives. The French rather than using violent force on the natives, would actually work along side them with peace. For this and many other reasons, the French were more successful than Spain in its dealing with Indians and accumulation of wealth from America.
             Unlike the Spaniards who used violence and aggression to try to convert Natives, the French successfully dealt with it by befriending them. The French and the Natives became allies through trading. The French treated them as equals and even worked alongside them. Since the French worked together with the Natives, stories were told about Christianity and eventually they converted through trust. In 1639, the French created religious schools where Native girls could be educated. Rather than be oppressed by Spanish conquerors by forced conversion, the Natives would freely choose if they wanted to convert to Christianity and that is why France was more successful in the conversion of religion. .
             In terms of accumulation of wealth, the French also had an advantage over the Spanish. One big factor was because the Natives feared the Spanish and not the French. The French were able to become partners with Native tribes such as the Algonquin and the Huron which late became the beaver trading business. The French settlers could simply trade a clay pot for beaver skin, which French artisans could turn into expensive clothing.

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