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French Quarter

             The French Quarter is a place of history, culture, heritage, music, food, architecture, and also fun. It is located in the significant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was established during 1718 and is home to many artists and musicians. The heart of the French Quarter is Jackson Square. It is estimated that over 25 million tourists a year from all over the world come to see the French Quarter. It occupies a six by thirteen block vicinity.
             The French Quarter has numerous historic sites and attractions to visit. Tourists can observe the Mississippi River and travel to the Aquarium of the Americas. They can then take the John James Audubon Riverboat to the Audubon Zoo. People then can visit Jackson Square to see the various historic buildings and monuments. The most famous one is the statue of Andrew Jackson on his horse. Tourists can visit the Cabildo, where the signing of the Louisiana Purchase took place or visit the house of former Confederate General P.T. Beauregard. Royal Street holds the Historic New Orleans Collection Museum which commemorates the Louisiana Purchase. Guests can then take a walking tour through the French Quarter where they will discover more about it. War enthusiasts can visit the D Day Museum to learn about WWII. The signature building of New Orleans is the St. Louis Cathedral located at Jackson Square. It was completed in 1794.
             The French Quarter is also home to several diverse cultures. People from all cultures come to the French Quarter. This makes for an interesting environment and provides for a great place to be. Heritage festivals are held occasionally and celebrate our history and ancestors.
             Jazz and Blues can be heard from many places in the French Quarter. New Orleans is referred as the home of Jazz and is a home to some of the most talented musicians. Tourists can visit the House of Blues for musical entertainment.
             New Orleans is home to great foods. There is a variety of foods from different parts of the world brought over by immigrants.

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