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            There are more than thirty million Hispanics living in the United States. The Hispanics are the largest growing minority group in the nation. The states with the greatest concentration of Hispanics are located in New Mexico, Texas, California, New York, and Florida. The numbers of many of the cities state and geographic zones of the USA come from Spanish: Arizona, California, Los Angeles, El Paso, Sierra Nevada, and Rio Grande, for example.
             Spanish is the most popular foreign language in the schools and universities of the USA. More than six hundred and fifty thousand (650,000) students in universities study Spanish each year. In many parts of the USA there are social bilingual services, education, and legal Hispanic residence. The bilingual education helps many Hispanic children in their primary studies. .
             In many North American cities, there are newspapers and magazines in Spanish. Many Hispanics read then because it has a lot of information about the Latino community. Hispanic television reporters are the source of information in cities such as New York where millions of Puerto Ricans live, and many in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.
             In the "Little Habana", the Spanish neighborhood city of Miami, the stores, coffee shops, restaurants and markets have prices in Spanish and Spanish is the spoken language. The Mexican food is so popular in the USA that for North Americans, the first Spanish lessons are in the restaurant.

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