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Who is to blame

            In all of the passages we have read in class it seems as if the writer wants to blame the media for the actions of the young, mainly the most destructive ones. However, is the media truly the bad guy in all the situations given in the stories? In the texts we read the writers blame television and movies for the ill behavior of kids, but we fail to realize the common link between them: The parents. To understand a situation completely you must first seek out the root of the problem, what causes the chain of events that leads to the final act. Hence, the question in our minds today is: "What causes our youth today to act irresponsibly and vandalistic?" The answer to that question is apparent, but the parents who face it, chose to ignore it because it would affirm their own guilt, for they, the parents, are the ones to blame.
             Whenever someone is charged with any kind of accusation, their first reaction is to say they are innocent, and more often than not, they accuse someone else for their crime. What is happening to America today is the same thing, our youth is being corrupted, juvenile delinquency is increasing with every generation, and who is to blame, well the parents point their fingers at the media. They say that the TV and the movies in the theaters are influencing their kids, turning them violent and destructive. This response of the parents is a normal human inability of admitting guilt. The TV or the movies, are just like a novel, a fictitious presentation created to entertain. It is up to us, the viewers, to understand and decide what is right or wrong, what can we absorb into our everyday lives and what do we discard as a beyond life scene Hollywood created to attract the public. This common sense, or ability to judge fantasy to reality, is not innate, but we acquire it from our parents normally in puberty, the time of our lives where our curiosity and our explorative senses are at their climax.

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