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Should the Space Program Continue

             Should the space program continue?.
             As Gregg Easterbrooks says "the spacecraft carries out secret hope that there is .
             something better out there "a world where we may someday go and leave the sorrows of .
             the past behind."" It is believed that one day there will be a place, another planet where we .
             can escape to and construct a new civilization. This will not happen if the space program .
             is discontinued, therefore NASA's space program must continue to savor the betterment .
             of mankind's future.
             NASA will help develop the technology of their space shuttles and will help the .
             future engineers improve the past shuttles. Although NASA's goal to launch a space .
             shuttle will cost enormous amounts of money, it will be worth the cost because it will .
             help our future generation in the creation and development in a more reliable, faster space .
             shuttle which will be able to arrive on Mars with no failures and frustrations. NASA's .
             developing technology will help our economy in the future.
             When NASA has enough technology to develop an economy on Mars it will help .
             the earth's resources. Mars may offer all the same resources that earth has and with .
             growing population, earth's space will eventually come to an end and we will not be able .
             to hold all the people that live on earth, so the space shuttle to mars will help the .
             economy because it will give more space for civilization. Minerals on earth are running .
             out so we must explore Mars because it contains minerals to develop fuel. The minerals .
             on Mars will help our economy by saving money on fuel for our vehicles that we use in .
             our everyday lives. Although Scientists are intrigued that the space program will help the .
             economy, they are really frustrated with the resources that will help medical care.
             Space exploration will help medical care with the construction of the cure for .
             cancer. Materials needed for new unknown medicines can be found on Mars, there is .

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