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Methods Of Conflict Resolution

             • A disagreement or clash between ideas, principles or people.
             Principles: Alcohol, abortion, premarital sex etc.
             People: Tutsi and Hutu.
             What is resolution?.
             • The process of bringing a disagreement to an end.
             There are many ways of resolving a conflict. One can surrender, run away from the conflict, fight back and overpower your opponent with violence or file a lawsuit.
             To successfully be able to resolve a conflict, one needs to understand the root cause.
             In every language, most people use the terms dispute and conflicts interchangeably. But as conflict managers, we need to be clear about the distinction between the two. They are very different from each other.
             A dispute is a disagreement about interests. Interests are things we can negotiate about.
             Example: Members of a study group have different times that they are free.
             Disputes are those we can even bargain about.
             Conflicts on the other hand are disagreements about values. Values are things about which we cannot negotiate. At the bottom, conflicts are all about values. There are some things we value in life and which we need as human beings. These examples are:.
             > the need to have our human dignity respected.
             > the need to participate in the lives of our communities.
             > the need for recognition.
             > the need to participate in decision making.
             > the need to develop ourselves and our talents.
             Conflicts arise because some or all of these needs are denied or not recognized. Conflicts need to be resolved. The basis on which they are resolved is that the values underlying the conflict are in short supply. Therefore:.
             > by recognizing your dignity, I do not lose mine.
             > by accepting your need to participate, I do not lose mine.
             > by recognizing your humanity, I do not lose mine. .
             Conflict is part and parcel of our everyday lives. Although conflict can be harmful (dysfunctional conflict), it can also be enriching.

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