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Conflict Resolution

            Conflict resolution is an approach to discipline in which the teachers" goal is to teach students to recognize problems and solve them in a constructive manner The basic teaching strategy for teaching children constructive thinking follows a three-stage pattern of What?, Why?, and What does it mean? The students would learn to interpret the three questions and apply them to the data given by the teacher. .
             Providing a child with effective means of resolving conflict gives the child the ability to resolve or diffuse a situation before it becomes out of control or dangerous will prove to be beneficial in their lives. Students are taught in very similar ways that mediators are by teaching students how to solve conflicts fairly, without intimidation or violence. The benefit of students being the mediators among their peers is that they solve their problems with minimum assistance from adults. This form of constructive thinking follows the student into adulthood.
             Effective conflict resolution is built upon strong communication skills. Empathy is also important to conflict resolution in that it is through empathy that one is better able to have a real connection to the thoughts and feelings of others Conflict resolution for children is a preventative for school and domestic violence. Advocates of conflict resolution believe that allowing students to have a part in the structure or enforcement of discipline helps them in school and society. The major themes of conflict resolution programs are active listening, where participants summarize what each has said to ensure accurate comprehension; cooperation between disputants; acceptance of each other's differences; and creative problem-solving, which takes into account each disputant's position. The programs emphasize learning from experience, with teachers serving as facilitators and coaches. Conflict resolution programs are best used as part of a long-range comprehensive plan to improve the learning climate at a school and to teach students alternatives to violence.

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