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             What are the difference between men and women. The appearances are the big difference and the voice, probably only the physical difference. Because of gender, if my family or friend of mine get hurt. Our society has many problems with gender discriminations. I could feel at the work places or school, if there are men and women together. I went to the school about 10years, and I always felt about gender discrimination. And I became an adult, and I still felt discrimination between my classmate or co workers if they have the different sex. But the most of all, I had horrible experience about discrimination about sex, when I went back to Korea last summer. .
             I could see men on the street, and also women, too. Half of the populations are men, and the other half are women like me. I am a human being, but I always got different values at the work place or school. Why did I always have a weak right at home or school and the work. And I usually accepted by myself, and I said, "I am not strong enough to do this". Sometimes I made a gap by myself being women, when I work or did something. Now days I changed a lot, so I stood up for their right. This story is that I stand up to the society, and I learned women could do many things as men do. .
             It was fearful experience to me, and I could not forget these memories, too. "I am a woman, but I can do anything." That was my slogan when I fought with our company. I went back to Korea, and I was 19 years old. I planed that I was going to stay in Korea about 3 month. So I decided that I was going to get a job. I was looking for a perfect job to me, and I found a job. It was very big company. I was a secretary at the office, and also I translate the English newspaper, too. I was very happy to have a job in my country and culture. And I could make money to buy Clothes, and my families present when I went back to Las Vegas. But few weeks later, my dream was gone.

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