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Pornography and its effects on Society, is Censorship the An

             Pornography and its effects on Society, is Censorship the Answer?.
             Pornography- Pictures, writing, or other material that .
             is sexually explicit and intended to arouse sexual passion.
             Society- A group of persons with a common culture or way .
             of life.
             What are the effects pornography has on society? Does it have any at all? Or is pornography the victim of politicians, feminists and religious coalitions. Entertainment and art is taking the blame for all of societies mishaps, and with pornography bieng the most explicit, should they be the victims of censorship?.
             In the world of entertainment sex and anything else that could be considered explicit, from language to images is what makes the entertainment industry make the billions that it does. From all the millions that it generates, sex would be its goose that they rely on to lay their golden eggs. Sex sells, it can sell anything from clothes, movies, music, and even fast food. You can see sex selling by picking up your TV remote and .
             going channel surfing. MTV for example would be a perfect example, if you tune in and watch some videos the odds are that you will see one if not all with enticing, young , women with the skimpiest of clothing. Although seeming sexist and demeaning that is what would be considered to many as tasteful. This is where we should question society and entertainment and the messages that influences the minds of its viewers, but the most important viewers that have to be taken into consideration are the adolesence. The youth is the key, and if we insist and let them proceed on being mis-educated then in 15 years from now, feminists could be living in a hell where all women would be treated like sex objects and dirt. Facing a life worse then that of her ancestors, a world for the male period.
             Reaching out to the adolesence is key, not only for stopping the influence sex could have on them but also, the adolesence is the key for bieng influenced by sex.

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